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Learn the taste of a veg garden

An iStayEco experience from the INCREDIBLE Collection

Take a workshop on creating a productive vegetable garden that respects people's health and the environment's too. From learning what plants grown well together, what can be planted in rotation for the best results in a vegetable garden, to discovering various wild plants that are deliciously edible, this course is sure to enlighten you about healthier gardening. Lunch is included too!* This experience is for up to 2 people.

Hand-picked experience providers: Les Terres d'Ici; L'Harmony des jardins; Pas a Pas

Experience possible*: 9h30 to 16h30 on 18/05, 8/06, 22/06 (in La Hulpe); or 14h to 18h 22/05, 30/05, 14/06, 28/06, 10/07, 16/07, 06/08, 15/08, 24/08, 6/09, 18/09, 19/09, 24/07, 27/09, 2/10, or 16/10 (in Marneffe).

Address to obtain experience: Chaussée de Bruxelles 117, 1310 La Hulpe; or rue Lambert Daxhelet 12, 4210 Marneffe.

Reference: ISE-INC-gardening
*When this experience is for 1 person it includes lunch on certain dates. Please inquire for details.

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