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Make your own natural products

An iStayEco experience from the INCREDIBLE Collection

Learn how to make several types of natural products that are effective, biodegradable, respectful of health and the environment. With only a few basic ingredients and simple steps, you will not only learn but also produce a variety of household products or cosmetics in this workshop. This experience is for up to 2 people.

Hand-picked experience providers: Ma vie ZD; MAKESENZ; Les Ateliers de Gen’

Experience possible*: 2 OCT - 19H, 7 OCT - 19H3 OCT - 17H15, 8 OCT - 18H or 18H30, 12 OCT - 13H, 14 OCT -18H30, 17 OCT - 18H30, 25 OCT - 12H30, 26 OCT -10H30, 29 OCT - 18H, 31 OCT - 18H30, 4 NOV - 18H, 5 NOV - 18H, 20 NOV - 18H30, 26 NOV - 18H, 28 NOV - 18H30, 30 NOV - 11H30

Address of experience*: Bruxelles / Waterloo / La Louvière / Kraainem / Haut-Ittre

Reference: ISE-INC-products
*More dates and locations to be announced.

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